South Maitland Railways

South Maitland Railways Pty Ltd (SMR)- (formerly East Greta Coal Mining Company), was established in 1891.  SMR adjoins the ARTC operated Main Northern Railway line (MNR) at the East Greta Junction (EGJ), Telarah via an arrival and a departure road.  It owns and operates 24.14 kilometres of open access private railway from its (EGJ) signal box to Pelton- south-west of Cessnock, where it adjoins a private railway, owned and operated by the Austar Coal Mine.*

SMR is an accredited Rail Infrastructure Manager (RIM) of a registered private siding.  SMR is also accredited as a Rolling Stock Operator (RSO) as an owner and operator of a shunter, hi-rail vehicles and wagons on its network.

The SMR network is operated under its own safety management system with full-time signalmen to provide effective management and control of all rail traffic on its network.

SMR is the only company (in the Hunter Valley), that offers an open access network, direct access to the MNR line and is only a short drive to the M15 Freeway or Pacific Highway.

EGJ is located adjacent to the MNR at Telarah and consists of Arrival and Departure roads, signal box and two yards comprising a hardstand and sidings (with space available for additional sidings).  Access is also gained through EGJ to the old SMR workshops and yard. (see services link for more information)

These unique qualities and central location have lead various local, national and international rail firms to use EGJ.

*Pacific National haul approximately 1.7 million tonnes of coal annually over the SMR network from the Austar Coal Mine.  SMR has been facilitating this service to the mine since 1918.