SMR is an open access private railway facilitating access to the Main Northern Railway (MNR) at Telarah.  There are two distinct arms to SMR’s business operation.

The first is the effective management and control of Pacific National coal trains from the MNR to the Austar Coal Mine at Pelton, with approximately 1.8 million tonnes of coal transported annually.  SMR has been providing this service to Pelton Colliery since 1918.

The second is the East Greta Junction (EGJ) yard located adjacent to the MNR at Telarah.  It consists of the arrival and departure roads, signal box, two yards with sidings and hardstand.  Access is also gained through EGJ to the old SMR workshops and yard currently owned by the Hunter Valley Training Company.

Yard 1:  Swietelsky Rail Australia currently occupy four UP sidings and office.
Yard 2:  Laing O’Rourke Australia Construction currently occupy two UP sidings / Gemco Rail currently occupy one DN siding / Harbinger Infrastructure currently occupy part one DN siding.
Additional sidings can be constructed if required.

SMR provides a shunting service for clients using its O&K shunting locomotive (see services link for more information).