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Article: 002-08/2018

As the prohibition notice has been lifted at Austar Mine, intermittent trains will begin running through August – September, with capacity trains expected to ramp up in October to meet production.

Please see below for the full article from the Hunter Valley Coal Report.

Resources Regulator allows limited activities at Austar Mine – Hunter Valley Coal Report – 30/18 – Dated 02/08/2018
The NSW Resources Regulator has lifted a prohibition notice allowing limited longwall activities, under controlled conditions, to recommence at Austar Mine.
On 18 May 2018 the Regulator issued a notice prohibiting all underground longwall production, following a significant coal burst event which occurred on 17 May 2018.
The notice was lifted on 30 July 2018 after the implementation of additional controls by the mine, including de-stress drilling and the training of staff in pressure bump identification and coal burst trigger action response plans.
A further prohibition notice remains in place which prohibits longwall extraction from the 293m chainage.
The mine will undertake controlled cutting under strict conditions up to this point in order to test additional controls to mitigate a coal burst risk and will maintain a 50-metre exclusion zone for workers.

Article 001-08/2018

No.10 and No.18 Class Steam Locomotives will be out of the shed again on Tuesday 7th August 2018.
The proposed time at this stage is between 7am & 9am.

As we are a commercial rail operator:

  • Only those holding a valid induction can be permitted into our yards.
  • Photos are for personal use only.
  • With respect for our neighbours (both residential and commercial) drones cannot be permitted.