Article: 003-08/2018

As the prohibition notice has been lifted at Austar Mine, intermittent trains will begin running through August – September, with capacity trains expected to ramp up in October to meet production.

Please see below for the full article from the Hunter Valley Coal Report.

Austar to recommence production following cancellation of all prohibition notices – Hunter Valley Coal Report – 31/18 – Dated 09/08/2018

Austar Coal Mine in the Hunter Valley is to recommence production, following confirmation on Friday 03 August 2018 of the cancellation of all prohibition notices issued by the New South Wales Resources Regulator.
Employees previously redeployed to other Yancoal-owned underground operations during the stand-down of Austar activities, as announced 9 July 2018, are currently being recalled to Austar to recommence production activities.
All underground longwall production activities at Austar were prohibited following a significant coal burst event on 17 May 2018.  While no workers were injured, the coal burst reportedly caused significant damage to the longwall shearer.  The burst saw an estimated 60 tonnes of coal ejected from the longwall face, approximately two tonnes of which landed in the walkway at the front of the powered roof supports.
The Regulator had previously prohibited cutting at the longwall as a result of a coal burst event on 16 March 2018.
Yancoal Australia Limited manages the Austar mine on behalf of Watagan Mining Company Pty Ltd. Austar currently employs 205 people.